Visit Lane Motorsport at the Autosport International 2023 Engineering Show

Lane Motorpsort at Autosport International Engineering Show 2023

We are looking forward to exhibiting at Autosport Engineering for the first time since the covid pandemic and showcasing our wide range high performance connectors and accessories. We offer a wide range of high-performance connectors and accessories from stock, all focused on meeting the electronic interconnection demands of all forms of motorsport.

In addition to high performance connector technology, we can provide standard and custom products, lightweight connector accessories, contacts, tooling, boots, tubing, adhesives and dispensers. And our online shop offers our customers access to extensive stock and in-house assembly with next day or rapid delivery.

Autosport Engineering 2023 is the trade exclusive part of Autosport International, Europe’s largest motorsport show. Located in the heart of the show and open on January 12th and 13th it provides an exclusive opportunity to meet with like-minded professionals from all over the world, discover the latest industry innovations and the opportunity to collaborate with new business partners.

This year we will be showing our range of specialist motorsport connectors and accessories from franchised suppliers including, Eaton, HellermannTyton, Weald Electronics, Lemo and Nicomatic.  New products on display will include the Souriau 8STA 02-06 and Lemo HP M series connectors. Our long-term relationships with a wide range of suppliers provides customers access all types of complementary products for motorsport applications including cable management accessories and switches.

Nick Wheeler, Sales Director says, “We are very pleased to be back at Autosport Engineering and able to present our latest connectivity and accessory product ranges. Lane Motorsport has been supplying connector solutions for harsh and demanding automotive environments for many years. The use of technology in motorsport has grown dramatically in recent years and our expertise in connector solutions is being welcomed by motorsport companies of all genres and sizes.”

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Lane Motorsport continues to support the next generation of motorsport engineers


Lane Motorsport continues to support the Loughborough University Formula Student Team (LUMotorsport) in their efforts to design a single seat racing car to compete in the Formula Student UK (FSUK) competition which culminates in a competitive event at the Silverstone racing circuit. These student designed and built racing cars may also be entered into similar races around Europe for international competitions.

FSUK is Europe’s most established educational engineering competition celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023 and is a testing ground for the next generation of world-class engineers. Intended to encourage more young people to take up a career in engineering, there are now over one hundred university teams taking part every year.

The project usually forms part of a degree-level project and is viewed by the motorsport industry as the standard for engineering graduates to meet, transitioning them from university to the workplace. It is a gold standard for real-world engineering experience, combining practical engineering experience with soft skills including business planning and project management.

Lane Motorsport is a specialist division of Lane Electronics and was set up 8 years ago with an aspiration to become one of the leading names in the support and supply of electrical connectors and accessories to the Motorsport industry in all its forms. Peter Costin, Business Development Manager for Lane Motorsport, says, “Lane Electronics is a family run electrical connector distributor established for nearly 60 years and it is part of our ethos to support both our local community as well as the next generation of engineers, vital to the continued growth of our economy. Having received a number of requests for sponsorship from universities participating in the annual Formula Student competition we made the decision to support all the FSUK teams with our best pricing for connectors and accessories and offer access to our knowledge base of connector technologies to ensure all applicants had the same resources.”

The LuMotorsport team reports that overall, 2022 has been successful and that issues with the manufacturability of the previous car had led to a large design change at the beginning of the year, which the team took in their stride. Attendance at FSUK had been the first in-person event for many members of the team due to earlier covid restrictions. The aims of the team going into FSUK were to gain knowledge of EV scrutineering, verify the design is legal and transfer as much knowledge to younger members as possible.

Due to the fundamental design changes during the development of the current LFS22 racing car, the team prioritized preparing the new sections of the vehicle for FSUK scrutineering and therefore sadly fell short of target in other areas. This did however give the team great experience of design, cost management and business static events. The new crop of students are now hard at work making sure the new LFS23 car is very competitive for the 2023 competition season.

Lane Motorsport provides the latest high-performance connectors and accessories and is committed to having the right product available from stock or with very short lead-times through a portfolio of franchised suppliers which now includes Eaton Souriau, Hellermann Tyton, Weald Motorsport, Lemo and Nicomatic.

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Meet us at Professional Motorsport World Expo 2022 in Cologne from November 9th – 11th Stand Number 6038

Lane Motorsport on PMW Expo Exhibition 2022 in Koln, Germany

We are once again exhibiting at the Professional Motorsport World Expo in Cologne where we will be showcasing our specialist products for the electronic interconnection demands of motorsport in all its forms. Please visit our stand to see the latest connector developments and discuss your present and future needs.

To support this fast-moving market, we can provide the latest high performance connector technology from stock, giving customers the competitive edge. We also offer a comprehensive selection of complimentary light-weight connector accessories all designed to meet the difficult environments found across motorsport, as well as specialist connector assembly tooling and high-performance adhesives and dispensers.

New products on display at PMW Expo 2022 include:

New extension to the Souriau EATON 8STA circular connector range which now provides one of the smallest 6-way motorsport connectors available worldwide 8STA*02-06**. This space and weight saving connector family offers integrated backshell and colour coding options and this new 02-06 size complements the existing 02-35 and 02-05 layouts in offering 6 size 26 contacts and is now available for quick delivery from stock.

The LEMO M series of high-power connectors designed for the most stringent high power distribution requirements. Seven different contact layouts have been introduced across 5 shell sizes utilizing the field proven light and ultra-compact M series’ bodies combined with new gold-plated low-resistance high-power contacts. These new high-power variants of the popular LEMO M series can handle up to 430A in unipole and multipole options for high power distribution of electronic devices and electric drive vehicles in motorsport.

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Lane Motorsport now authorised distributor for LEMO Connectors

Lemo circular connectors, F-series and M-series, for autosport and motorsport applications

We are now a specialist Motorsport distributor for the popular M series threaded connectors and F series push-pull connectors from LEMO. Delivery from stock is now key to supplying this fast-moving sector.

LEMO are an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision high-performance connection solutions for Motorsport. Lane Motorsport will be holding stock of the most popular LEMO connectors with further products being added as the market grows.

The LEMO M series is approved by the FIA being used on ECU’s and more due to their high reliability.  The F series is the push pull series and used mostly in small sizes in motorsport for weight saving and the high density of the contact system.

Key features of the LEMO connectors now in stock at Lane Motorsport include:

  • High reliability in harsh environments
  • High density pin count
  • M series ratchet and tri-start connector mating system.

For more information about LEMO connectors click here.


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Connections across all racing, including hybrid and electric

8STA Souriau connectors for EV and hybrid racing applications

It’s hard to avoid todays green electric vehicle (EV) revolution since it’s all over the front pages right now as manufacturers announce new vehicles as well as their plans to replace the current polluting models in time for the deadlines set by various countries. In the UK that’s as soon as 2030 but, before that deadline, many areas of autosport will have migrated to fully electric only power

“At Lane Motorsport, we have been supplying connector solutions to support the EV revolution in motorsport for several years now.” Says Lane’s Peter Costin “And these connector systems are finding their way into all types of motorsport platforms including all levels of racing cars, bikes and boats. We also support several Formula Student teams currently developing their own electric racing cars incorporating some very innovative ideas.” Adds Peter Costin.

As the move to electric vehicles in racing gathers pace – there are new Formula “E” categories being announced on a regular basis across many autosport sectors – every serious autosport team is currently moving towards a fully electric platform while currently adding more “hybridisation” to their offerings.

Designers working on these new platforms are requesting ever more complex cable assemblies and harnesses that not only have smaller and lighter connectors but also have more contacts, a higher current capability and much faster signal and data speeds to cope with the developments in communications and the new high-power motors.

“We have ranges of connector systems designed specifically for autosport that are currently being specified for many on-board applications across petrol, hybrid and fully electric racing platforms. In addition to the traditional connector applications found in today’s racing cars, we expect to see an increase in the need for smaller and lighter sensor connectors that are equally resistant to demanding environments. These will be located around the power packs and the power pack cooling systems as well the motors and their control and monitoring systems.” Peter says.

Many of these EV connector applications are suited to the latest 8STA connector systems manufactured by Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton for whom Lane Motorsport is a value-add distributor. Designed and made to meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999, these tiny circular connectors are the preferred connector solutions across the world of competitive motorsport for sensors and electronics systems in applications such as engine management, data acquisition, steering wheel systems, telemetry, fuel tanks and hybrid energy recovery systems.

Souriau’s 8STA circular connectors are based around a rugged aluminium body plated as standard with conductive black zinc. The 8STA range includes high density connectors which provide up to 68 size 26 contacts compatible with 24 to 30 AWG wire as well as high-power connectors capable of handling up to 200A.

Operating temperature is – 55ºC to +175ºC and, when mated, the connector meets the requirements of IP67 making it able to withstand the demanding environments found across motorsport platforms.

Souriau’s 8STA range also includes an ultra-miniature size 01 connectors which offer a significant 20 percent saving in size and weight over the popular size 02 series yet it maintains all the larger connector’s performance advantages – including its anti-vibration design and the high resistance to the motorsport environment. These size 01 connectors accommodate three removable size 26 contacts.

In addition to the connectors themselves, Lane Motorsport’s 8STA connector solutions package features a comprehensive range of connector accessories made by HellermannTyton and Weald Electronics. These include protective caps, gaskets and nut plates, heat shrink boots as well as all the assembly tools needed to complete the application.

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HyTech Racing’s 2021 car is coming together

HyTech Racing car with Lane Motorsport 8STA connectors

One of the student racing car teams we sponsor is making great progress with the production of its fifth platform HT05 – the car HyTech Racing will race in 2021. Regular readers will be aware that in pre-Covid times, HyTech won first place for the second year in a row with its HT04 at Formula Hybrid, placing first in the Design, Autocross, and Endurance events, and setting a record as the fastest electric team to ever finish the 44 km Endurance course.

Souriau 8STA connectors installed in HyTech Racing car

As well as developing their next competition car, HyTech has been working hard to integrate new team members into its racing programme with a Covid-safe series of virtual sessions covering all aspects of student racing.

The team is well into the design and build of HT05 and has been validating its latest engineering decisions via extensive testing and tuning of its very successful HT04. For our part, we are supplying HyTech with the latest Souriau 8STA connectors and HellermannTyton heatshrink boots.

Let’s hope the racing goes ahead!!

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New Lightweight Connectors and Accessories for Autosport / Motorsport Applications

As a company providing high performance electric connector solutions where the environment places huge demands on the integrity of the connection, we are very happy to announce that we have added new connectors and connector accessories to our motorsport product portfolio.

Lane Motorsport, bases its product offering around four manufacturers: Souriau-Sunbank and Nicomatic for the connectorsWeald Electronics for accessories including ultra-lightweight protective caps, gaskets and nut plates, and HellermannTyton for the all-important protective heat shrink boots and tubing.

Souriau Sunbank 8STA and Nicomatic EMM motorsport / autosport circular connectors

We are a leading assembling, value adding distributor for Souriau, who are a leader in the manufacture of interconnection products used throughout motorsport. Souriau’s 8STA circular connectors find wide application connecting communications equipment, engine control units, data acquisition systems, fuel pumps, starters, alternators and batteries throughout all levels of motorsport.

Connectors for autosport, like those used in the military/aero industry, need to operate across a huge range of environments. Extremes of temperature, vibration and many unpleasant liquids come together to provide the ultimate integrity test for connectors. These environmental demands are just one area that makes the motorsport sector a unique challenge for electrical connector manufacturers.

Designers developing next generation autosport platforms are always requesting ever more complex cable assemblies and harnesses that not only have lighter and smaller connectors, but also have more contacts, a higher current capability and much faster signal and data speeds to cope with the developments in communications and hybrid power.

Nicomatic EMM motorsport / autosport rectangular lightweight miniature connectors

We also offer Nicomatic’s popular 2mm pitch CMM series rectangular connectors and have just added the even smaller and lighter 1.27mm pitch Nicomatic EMM series which offers as much as 20% space saving when compared to standard MicroD connector systems.

Along with these connectors from Souriau and Nicomatic, Weald Electronics produces a new range of ultra-lightweight 8STA compatible accessories, including protective caps, gaskets, nut plates and all the assembly tools required. Weald also provides a custom connector modification service that takes a standard product and alters its weight and size as required.

Dust protective caps and nut plates for motorsport / autosport circular 8STA Souriau and Deutsch AS connectors

Good examples include the increasingly popular single flange receptacle which has a single hole fixing making box mounting simple or tiny nut plate designed to make installation easier. These are made by Weald in the UK.

Many of HellermannTyton’s heat shrink boots are made specifically for autosport. We stock standard boots, glue lined boots, high temperature boots for fuel tank applications, both straight and right-angled variants and the very popular VG9500 twin pack epoxy used to glue standard boots, mostly for next day delivery.

Alongside these, we also stock a comprehensive range of HellermannTyton heat shrink moulded shapes and transitions as well as their heat shrink tubing in the same high temperature and fuel-resistant materials for complete harness protection.

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After a great 2019, LU Motorsport goes electric for 2020!

LU Motorsport goes electric for 2020

As we said here last year, Loughborough University Motorsport had a great season in 2019 finishing no less than 4th out of 81 student teams at Formula Student UK which took place at Silverstone. For the second year running, LUM’s driver Monty Jeacock-Fewtrell was the top individual driver.

The challenge to improve on last year has begun, but with a difference. The 2020 racing car will be electric instead of a combustion one for the first time. According to LUM, switching to an electric platform has become an affordable option as well as an important one for the future since the automotive industry is moving quickly to electric vehicles. By switching to electric, LUM team members will gain “hands on” experience of the technologies that will drive and shape the future of cars.

LUM has chosen to create a simple, single motor car in the hope the vehicle can pass all aspects of electric scrutineering. The team is also looking to provide future teams with a good vehicle foundation that can be used and improved in future years.

The design process for the car has been taking place since the team returned from FS Austria last and the manufacture of LFS20 is underway now. We support LUM by providing the latest Souriau 8STA connectors as well as connector accessories, all designed specifically for all types of motorsport.

The team are in the process of deciding which European event they will attend  during summer 2020. They are already certain of a place in Formula Student UK and the team will be competing here between 23rd and 26th July.

Qualification events for the other European events take place on 31st January and the team are aiming to meet the conditions for Formula Student Germany, East, Netherlands or Spain.

Watch this space to see which event LUM will compete in this summer.

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Electronic connectors and accessories at Autosport Engineering 2020

Lane Motorsport at Autosport Engineering 2020 show

A comprehensive electronic connector and connector accessories package is to be showcased by Lane Motorsport at the Autosport Engineering show in January 2020.

Visitors to our stand E760 at the NEC Birmingham can see and discuss the very latest  connectors from Souriau and Nicomatic and connector accessories from HellermannTyton and Weald Electronics. These connector systems can handle anything the motorsport environment throws at them while the accessory package is designed to save time and money during development, installation and replacement.

Lane Motorsport is a leading assembling distributor for Souriau, a leader in the manufacture of interconnection products used throughout the motorsport sector. The company’s 8STA circular connectors find wide application connecting engine control units, communications equipment, data acquisition systems, fuel pumps, starters, alternators and batteries throughout all levels of motorsport.

Souriau also manufactures the microComp® series of high-density rectangular connectors. These are lighter than micro-D and standard D-subminiature connectors which makes them ideal for  applications where space and weight considerations are paramount.

Also part of Lane Motorsport’s interconnection package is the Nicomatic EMM series. Featuring a 1.27mm pitch, the EMM series achieves more than a 40% space reduction when compared to Nicomatic’s established CMM series or as much as 20% when compared to standard MicroD connector systems. Designed to meet the performance requirements of MIL 83513, the connectors integrate features including reversed contacts, 90° back protection and interchangeable hardware.

Along with these connectors, Weald Electronics produces a range of ultra-lightweight 8STA compatible accessories like protective caps, nut plates and gaskets, and all the assembly tools required. Weald also  provides a custom connector modification service that takes a standard product and alters its size and weight as required.

Many of HellermannTyton’s heat shrink moulded boots are made specifically for motorsport.  Lane will display standard boots, glue lined boots, high temperature boots for fuel tank applications, both straight and right-angled variants and the very popular VG9500 twin pack epoxy used to glue standard boots.

Recognising the “special” needs of motorsport in all its forms, Lane Motorsport, can respond rapidly to requests for product regardless of quantity or how “unusual” the specification. Lane Motorsport  has at its disposal an almost limitless stock of the multitude of parts needed to build the connector as well as the facilities to assemble the finished product on demand.

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Lane Motorsport to make the right connections at PMW 2019

Lane Motorsport at Professional Motorsport World Expo 2019

Once again, we are exhibiting at Professional Motorsport World Expo which takes place in Cologne from November 13 to 15. It’s the leading event for motorsport teams, racing car engineers, designers and drivers.

On booth 6066, we will showcase the industry and technology leading Souriau 8STA series of connectors as well as a broad and comprehensive range of 8STA accessories produced by HellermannTyton and Weald Electronics. Also on display and available for discussion will be Nicomatic’s CMM Series of high reliability 2mm pitch connectors, the Nicomatic EMM Series of 1.27 mm pitch connectors which feature a much smaller footprint than rival systems and the Souriau microComp® high density connector series that offers designers a lightweight alternative to high density D-Sub and micro-D connector systems.

Souriau’s 8STA connectors reliably connect technology across platforms in all forms of motorsport. These space and weight saving, high performance connectors can be found connecting engine management systems and sensors, batteries, starters, alternators, fuel pumps and control and data carrying harnesses.

Our broad and comprehensive portfolio of 8STA compatible accessories manufactured by Weald Electronics includes nut plates, protective caps and gaskets and are complemented by heatshrink boots and tubing from HellermannTyton. We have large stocks of standard boots, glue lined boots and high temperature boots for applications in areas like fuel tanks as well as heat-shrinkable SE28 2:1 series tubing which is a direct replacement of Raychem DR-25 tubing.

For applications that need non-standard connector systems, we can modify and remodel Souriau’s 8STA connectors and accessories  to suit a customer’s specific application.

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