A Good Year For LU Motorsport

Formula student (1 of 3)

As we have reported before, each year LU Motorsport (Loughborough University Motorsport) develops, builds, tests and races a new single seat race car. From CAD to test circuit, these vehicles are designed from a blank sheet of paper, with the knowledge and expertise from over a decade of racing experience.

LU Motorsport has had a good 2016 and is already starting to think about next year’s design with new students joining the team.  Old team members are starting new jobs and we hope they will keep in touch with Lane Motorsport.  8STA connectors are planned to be used again 2017 and we look forward to helping the new members of the team choose the right solutions from the vast selections of connectors, accessories and tooling to build a winning LU Motorsport car.

Formula student (3 of 3)

The racing car is designed to be both competitive on the track and in the business world. The Formula Student competition requires every team to assume their vehicles are to be sold to the open market. Consequently, the vehicles must be high performance, low cost, easy to maintain, reliable, aesthetically pleasing and suitable for mass or lean production.

The LU Motorsport team is run and managed solely by students of Loughborough University. Every year, the team recruits new students to join and the team competes at race events across Europe. The team comprises students from all years and all disciplines – from automotive engineering to finance.

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